I love T shirts. They are the best thing ever invented. A day that I can throw on some jeans, a T shirt, and flip-flops…that is a good day. T shirts are comfortable. I am a sucker for event T shirts. I don’t like being in races, but if I can enter a 5K and get a T shirt for it, I’m in!

If I could find a place to print cheap T shirts, I would be golden. I would just put random things on a bunch of them. It would be the greatest thing ever. Even better would be a place that does cheap T shirts custom designed for me! If someone would just interview me for a bit, see what I like, then design me a bunch of shirts, that would be awesome.

Maybe I should just order bulk T shirts. I could just wear plain T shirts all the time. Better yet, I could just get permanent marker and write things on them all. I love the sites for whole sale shirts. You know the ones I mean, like the funny ones that you buy online. I think the whole world should just convert to T shirts. I think life would be a lot easier.