Once upon a time there was a Nashville veterinary hospital….

I’m just kidding. This blog is not about a Nashville veterinary hospital. It is far from being about a Nashville veterinary hospital. This blog is about a little something called 5 hour energy.

Today, I was falling asleep at work. I was super tired. I went to the store to find a fix for this. I still had five hours of work to go! I came across 5 hour energy. “could it work?” I wondered to myself. Everyone raved about it. I decided to pay the five dollars and get this 5 hour energy.

It tasted delicious. It was kind of a sweet/sour taste. It said on the bottle that I would feel it in minutes. I was expecting a huge kick and all of a sudden I would be bouncing off the walls. That did not happen. It did give me more energy though. It gave me enough energy to get through the day. It gave me enough energy to write about a Nashville veterinary hospital, or 5 hour energy.

So, if you are at work and you can’t stay awake, now you know that 5 hour energy is out there. Apparently it’s all natural, although I don’t see how that is possible. But hey, if nothing else, it tastes good! Enough about the nashville veterinary hospital.