I would like to tell you all a true story.

In a little city in Utah, a family was having a nice little scripture study time together. The girls were sprawled out on the floor in their blankets. Mom and dad were taking turns reading outloud to the almost asleep kids. The boys were having fun poking the girls, then pretending it wasn’t them. All was well. All of a sudden there was a gasp from dad. His feet flew up in the air and set the rest of the family into alarm. There was a mouse on the floor. The girls spotted the mouse and dove onto the couches. The room burst into chaos.  There was a lot of screaming. The girls were bouncing on the couches trying to find a better place to stand. They ended up on the piano bench together. The boys ran and got brooms and started chasing the little mouse. The mouse ran into the kitchen.

As the girls did not want to miss out on the action, they took a sprint for the kitchen and climbed up on the counters. The poor mouse ran into one of the kitchen cabinets and disappeared. A moment later he came out on top of the cabinet. The kitchen was in complete confusion. The men were all trying to be manly and swat the mouse with the brooms. Yet at the same time, jumping away from the kitchen cabinets every time they thought they saw something, then springing back towards them after a second.

After a long battle with this mouse, it finally sprinted away from the kitchen cabinets and safely darted underneath the fridge. The kitchen cabinets still have scratches on them from the brooms.