Everyone is free to do what they want, right? Wrong. You are not truly free to do what you want. Consequences dictate your actions. It’s 5:00 and I should be free to leave work today, right? Wrong. I cannot leave work because I need the money. I need the money because I have to live somewhere. I have to live somewhere because I cannot live on the street. I cannot live on the street because I would end up getting arrested for loitering. I would then have a long battle with a law firm. The law firm would win. I would lose because I was just a hobo living on the street. After I lost my battle with the law firm, I would owe them a lot of money. I would end up at work again. See what I mean? I can’t leave work right now because the consequence isn’t something that I can deal with at this time.

Maybe in Baton Rouge the consequences are different. Maybe I wouldn’t get arrested there, and I wouldn’t have a battle with a law firm. Or maybe a Baton Rouge law firm just wouldn’t care enough about a hobo on the street. Either way, I have to stay at work right now. I need to buy a ticket to Baton Rouge, Louisiana.