I would like to have a custom kitchen. I’m not talking about the regular Utah kitchen with the brown kitchen cabinets. I am talking about a custom kitchen that does everything for you! I would like to walk into my custom kitchen and say, “I would like a pina colada smoothie, ASAP!”, and my kitchen would make some cool noises, then a fresh pina colada smoothie would appear on the counter top. It would be complete with a little umbrella.

Who doesn’t want things that will do everything for them? In the morning, it would be super nice to have a custom bathroom. I could just stand there and be showered, dressed, hair and make up done, all at the same time. Ideally, it would take about two minutes, then I could run out the door!

Or, what about a custom bed? One that will wake me up every morning! I would love to have a spring loaded bed. You know those big balloon things that you put on a Velcro suit, then you jump against the balloon wall? It would be like that. When it was time to wake up, my bed would fling me into the balloon wall, and somehow I would stick onto it until I was fully awake. If I didn’t wake up, it would drench me with water or something.

Someday I will have my custom kitchen, bathroom, and bed!