Every kitchen needs kitchen cabinets. Especially in Utah. Why do I mention Utah? Because it’s Utah and everyone has ten kids. That means that there is always a little kid running around the kitchen, trying to get into everything. Shelves do not work in Utah. We need kitchen cabinets. We need something that we can put a child lock device on. You can walk into just about any kitchen in Utah. Chances are you will see kitchen cabinets with child lock devices on them.

It’s quite amazing how kids can really get into just about anything. One time, I was babysitting. The kids kept whining for ice cream and trying to grab the carton from me. I was near an open cabinet, so I stuck it in and closed it. The child lock device locked. After the kids got distracted with something else, I went to take the ice cream out. I couldn’t figure it out. I sat there for about fifteen minutes, trying to get this thing open. I finally gave up for a minute to go break up an argument with a couple of the kids. When I came back, one of the youngest was happily sitting on the floor, covered in ice cream, with a huge grin on his face. That kid is apparently a master at getting into kitchen cabinets. See what I mean?