I was never able to really get into understanding law. To me, it’s the school that people go to when they are extremely smart and want to make tons of money. I myself have never actually come in contact with a law firm. I don’t really understand what they do. I know they solve people’s problems and decide who is right, but why do people have to pay other people to do that for them? Wouldn’t it be a lot cheaper and easier to just talk to the guy your mad at and figure something out?

To me, a law firm is like your mom when you are little. You get into an argument with you r older brother and the first thing you do is yell, “Mooooom!” Mom then comes downstairs, (that is where your argument is taking place), and starts working her magic. She has the right to punish someone, or take something away from someone and give it to someone else. Mothers are a lot like a law firm. I bet if a law firm were to hire a bunch of moms, it would do wonders.

Mom: “Gary, did you steal Larry’s car?”

Gary: “Well ya, but he took it from me first!”

Mom: “Well Larry, why did you take Garry’s car in the first place?”

Larry: “Because I wanted it! And he hit me!”

Mom: “Alright, Larry, give Garry’s car back. Gary, tell Larry you are sorry and go to your room”.

See? Problem solved. Every Law firm should have at least one mom employed there.