I think ESL summer camps are awesome. ESL is English as a Second Language. I am wanting to Minor in Spanish. I wonder if I could find a SSL summer camp.  Language is so interesting to me. You know the subject that you and your friends talk about when you are laying in a field away from lights, watching the stars? The subjects that are so vast that you can’t even start to wrap your mind around them. The more you talk about them, the less you understand. Well to me, language is one of those subjects. It’s incredible how language has evolved. Who started it in the first place? Who started making certain sounds to mean a certain thing. Even since then, there are so many different languages and they are all so precise now. It’s really quite amazing to think about.

I am excited to start learning Spanish. I think it will be really interesting to learn. With Spanish as my minor, I hope to do some good in this world. I would love to start my own ESL summer camp.  I think it’s great to have kids learning a second language. I want my kids to learn Spanish when they are little. Maybe I will send them to an ESL summer camp as part of that.  It seems like English summer camps would be very beneficial to learning the language.