Growing up in a big family (we’re talking nine kids) my dad always joked that we needed something bigger than our little station wagon to get us to one of our many destinations.  He wanted something much bigger, like a quality converted bus.  Although I hated the thought of learning to drive a big converted bus, I admit that it would have been nice when we took our nearly annual vacations to Michigan from our home in Iowa. The twelve-hour trip was killer in that cramped little car. Little did I know, my dad’s dream could have been ours if only he had done some online research and found the website for Sawyer’s Used Buses.

I can just see my family packed into a converted bus. Legs out stretched, there would have been plenty of room for us to breath; plenty of room to play card games; plenty of room to take a nap or just relax. And definitely plenty of room to stretch out to help keep the awful monster that is motion sickness at bay. It could have been nice. Unfortunately for us all, my dad didn’t find the website. Instead, all he found for us was another van. It could have been fun. We could have owned a converted bus.