I went to a Benton Paul concert the other night. I hadn’t ever heard of him before last week. It was an awesome concert. He is amazing! Benton Paul probably has a pretty sweet life. He probably takes a converted bus on all his tours. His converted bus probably has a luxury inside. He gets to go wherever and do what he loves every night. That sounds like fun to me! And the converted bus thing…well that’s just awesome however you think about it! I want a converted bus.

So I went to this concert on a date. I loved the concert, it was a great night, then he took me back to my car. Well he took me back to where my car was supposed to be. It wasn’t there. I had been towed. How lame is that? I had to pay $140 on the spot to get my car back. I decided towing companies are the spawn of the earth. No one likes them and they should probably just disappear and never come back. This is to the company that towed my car. You are really lame. I don’t like you. I will never work for a towing company. I should live in a converted bus, then I could wait, and when they came to tow my converted bus, I would jump out and have pepper spray or something. Stupid towing companies.