I’ve always thought that bikers are trying so hard. But really, society needs the old guys riding around in a buffalo leather jacket, and buffalo leather biker gear. Society has to have all the different groups of people filled. Life would be so boring if we didn’t. How boring would the road alone be to see all the same people driving around. No one with weird cars, no one on motorcycles, just the same type of people. Boring right?

I want to go buy some buffalo leather biker gear, maybe a buffalo mens jacket, and go grab a motorcycle. I just want to see the looks people give me.

It’s amazing how people treat you different depending on what you are wearing.  If I am wearing Sunday clothes, people will treat me completely different than if I’m in some buffalo leather biker gear. It’s kind of crazy huh?

It’s also amazing to me how hard people try to establish themselves to be in a certain group. I guess High School is the biggest time for that, but people try so hard! It seems like as a whole, we all want to be viewed as unique and set apart, but then we try so hard to be in a certain group. It’s all pretty interesting to think about.