It’s Monday again. It’s also 11:11 right this moment! I wish…that it was Friday. It didn’t work.

I had an interesting weekend. It was much more eventful than usual. In fact, that whole week was much more eventful than usual. It was crazy busy with finals and moving out of my house. I got to catch up with some friends over the weekend.

One of my friends just got a job at a law firm. She is awesome. She can do anything. I’m pretty excited for her. She’ll be good at a law firm.

This post isn’t about anything in particular. I’m just getting started for the day. I’m trying to pull myself out of the weekend and put myself in work week mode. I guess that’s what Monday morning is for.

My roommate and I decided we want to take a road trip. We want to go to Louisiana. Well, we want to go all over the place but it’d be cool to stop at Baton Rouge.  It seems like there would be some fun places in Baton Rouge.

Well, enough about Baton Rouge and my friends job at the law firm. It’s time to start in on Monday morning and get this day started!