I have recently had to start paying for auto insurance. I didn’t realize how expensive it could be! My car is old, I’m not 16 years old. I thought it would be pretty decent. But no! I have to fork out an extra 100 bucsk a month for auto insurance! I guess I can’t really be mad about that. It’s life right? You grow up, and you just get to pay for one new thing after another. It should be part of birthdays.  Happy 20th birthday! You now get to pay for auto insurance! Happy 21st! You now get to pay for health insurance! Happy 22nd! You get your cell phone bill, rent, etc! Life is just dandy.

The worst part of the money thing is this. Once you get your paycheck, it’s gone! There is always stuff to pay for that you weren’t even expecting! I got towed the other day. There goes my gas money and my food money! Oh well, atleast I already payed my auto insurance for the month.

Can’t I just go back to age 10 where I didn’t have to worry about auto insurance, or health insurance, or being towed. All I had to worry about was getting a dollar from mom to go buy some ice cream from the ice cream truck. Take me back to that.