We will now continue the story about the girl in the far away land. Her name is actually Bobby. She lives in Phoenix. The reason she wants a monarch price gun so bad is because she lives in a little house with no air conditioning. She also does not have auto insurance. This means she is stuck at home in her hot house and can’t really go anywhere because without auto insurance, she can’t drive anywhere.  Hot Phoenix is not somewhere you want to be stuck with air conditioning. If she only had a price gun, she could ride the bus to work and be in the air conditioned Target all day. Then she could earn enough money to buy auto insurance so she could drive again! It would fix everything!

So, the day finally came, she bought her own price gun, and she went to apply at Target. Target was very skeptical. She was only qualified in the way that she did have a price gun. They thought about it all day, and in the end, they decided to hire her. They were short on price guns, and she came with this one.

She was overjoyed! Her life was perfect after that. Bobby worked every day at Target, and every day she would thank her lucky stars. In time, she was able to buy auto insurance, and also a brand new Porsche. Her life was perfect!