I don’t know if this happens to anyone else, but for me, I get a certain face when I drive. I am usually have an unintentional frown on my face. I get kind of angry at people when I drive. Today I was driving with my usual driving face when I passed a certain reception center. I had a memory and I just had to laugh.

When I was younger, I went to my cousin’s wedding reception at a reception center. She was a beautiful bride, and while she was downstairs talking with everyone, her younger sister and I were upstairs goofing off. Her younger sister was a bridesmaid and had a long dress on. Our mothers came up and got mad at us and told us we needed to be downstairs. As we were walking down the stairs, she stepped on her dress! She tumbled down the entire flight of stairs in front of the entire reception center! It went absolutely silent. I thought it was hilarious and burst into a high cackle. Here she was on the ground, tangled in her dress, and I was standing above cackling in the silence.

Once I realized what noise I was making in the silence, I covered my mouth and realized everyone was staring at me. A second later everything went back to normal.

As I passed this reception center I remembered this and burst out laughing. I love how completely embarrassing something can be, but the more embarrassing it is, the funnier it is later!