Robin Hood is a good movie. I love the fencing scenes. They do a really good job with the acting. Princess Bride also has a very intense fencing scene. Star Wars however, has one of the best fencing scenes I can think of. I love movies with some good intense fencing scenes. Those actors would have to practice like crazy to get those scenes down. I wonder how often stunt doubles are actually used in those kinds of movies.

The other day I was pondering this while watching Princess Bride, when an awful smell wafted into the room. I followed me nose and sought out the source. My brother had opened a can of  tuna and was eating it plain. That is disgusting. If you are going to eat  tuna, you at least need to mix it with some mayonnaise and put it on a sandwich. You should never eat it plain. If you are going to eat it plain, you are probably some weirdo from Albuquerque. That is just plain nasty! I informed my brother of this. I thought he should know.

People eat some really weird things. The other day someone told me that they loved melted cheese on their apple pie. I can’t say I’ve ever tried it, but I think I have a pretty good idea of how that would taste. It doesn’t sound pleasant.