Last blog we talked about Brooklyn and how unhappy she was as a locksmith. Later that day after quitting, she regretted her decision immensly. She grabbed her sleeping bag and slept on the ground in front of her work. When her boss came to work that day he almost tripped over her as she begged for her job back. He gave it to her.

Her first assignment back was to go out on a call from a guy who needed a locksmith. She did this happily.

When she got to the scene, she realized this was not your normal job. The guy had locked himself in his car and it was stuck running! The air conditioning was on full blast! He was freezing and turning blue. Brooklyn thought fast. How could she get this man out of his air conditioning cell? Brooklyn thought fast. She thought about her locksmith training in Sacramento.  She could do this! She worked fast at the lock. Finally, she heard the satisfying click.

the lock finally came up and she sprang into action. She dived at the air conditioning and turned it off. She then pulled the freezing man out of his car. She had saved his life! The man thanked and thanked her.

Brooklyn never took her job for granted again. She felt fulfilled as she saved people from their locksmith dilemmas, everything from air conditioning to misplaced keys. Work was never a chore again!