When people ask me what my most embarassing moment is, it’s usally hard to think of one. The reason? Because every day of my life is my most embarassing moment. I just have a talent for doing stupid things. For the purpose of entertainment, I will tell you about a recent embarassing moment.

I was at the Gym. I was running on a normal treadmill but they didn’t have the air conditioning on so I decided to go to the cardio cinema. I walked in and put my hoodie on because they did have the air conditioning on in there and I was cold. The cinema is dark, but you can still see everyone by the light of the movie. Well I got on the treadmill and was running when the air conditioning wasn’t enough anymore. I decided I didn’t want to keep my hoodie on, but I wanted to keep running. My solution? To take off my hoodie while running on the treadmill. This is not a good idea. I tried to pull my hoodie off but my shirt got stuck in it and it got stuck on my head. Just to be clear, I was trying to stay on the treadmill, I couldn’t see because the hoodie was over my head, and my arms were flailing in the air. Not a good situation! I finally pulled it off and got my shirt back on. I turned off the treadmill and walked out the door. On the way out I complained about the air conditioning.  Not one of my best moments!