I have a bucket list. It doesn’t have very extraordinary things on it, but there are some things I definitely want to do.  One of the funnest dates I have ever been on took place at K-mart. Me and my date walked around looking at furniture and loudly argued about the dumbest things. “We can’t get that lawnchair,  you will just sit in it and eat your corn, and I HATE the way you eat your corn!”  I guess you had to be there, but it was hilarious. You can just take my word for it. An employee would be sitting there with his garvey price gun, looking really annoyed. It was great fun.

Speaking of price guns. I find them extremely comical. Sometimes I wonder if the employees at K mart sometimes have price gun wars. They stand at each end of the isle, and then someone pulls out their garvey price gun. The other guy snickers a little bit, then pulls out his monarch gun. While they are staring each other down, a third person steps in. Decked out in his red shirt, he pulls out the newest version of the monarch paxar. The other guys just look defeated and walk away. This is probably a lot funnier in my head than for anyone reading this. Welcome to my world of random thoughts.