My dad used to be a paramedic. That’s cool right? I guess, but it took a lot of the fun out of my childhood. For example, we would have conversations like this. “Hey dad, can we get a trampoline?”, “NO WAY!!!! Those are WAY too dangerous! I have seen so many people that are paralyzed for life because of those things! We will never have a trampoline, and I don’t want you on any of the neighbor’s either!”. Thanks dad. It was the same with waterslides, and sleeping pills just to name a couple. One of the big ones was motorcycles. This one is understandable, but it was still annoying.

I remember being 17 years old. My friend came to pick me up on his electric scooter. My parents were VERY mad and did not let me go, even if I borrowed my friend’s buffalo mens jacket. A couple years ago, my brother came home with a motorcycle. He made sure that he was outfitted with plenty of buffalo leather biker gear. He had it all, the buffalo leather jacket, and the diamond plate leather jacket just in case. He made sure he covered his bases. He had a huge helmet, glasses, and we cannot forget the leather pants. Although he looked like a hard core biker going down the street, he definitely gets credit for making sure mom and dad couldn’t say no!