This is a fur hat.

This is a Russian fur hat

This is a Ushanka

So what does this all amount to? Awesome! A russian hat, in any way shape or form, would be so warm for the wintertime. Granted, of course, that is IS wintertime. If it isn’t, you probably should wait until winter to wear one of these.  But, if it IS wintertime, (and I am talking about the freezing cold days where it hurts to even breathe), then it is perfectly fine to wear one of these hats. Even if you feel a little bit awkward in your ushanka fur hat, you will still be toasty warm.

You know those days when you walk in the door and you warm up, but your ears are still cold all day? Or, when you go from freezing cold to a warm house, your ears somehow feel like they are on fire for the next twenty minutes? These situations are where you would ideally want a russian fur hat. You would never have to worry about your ears again.

Who knows, maybe we should be bringing these hats back for a fashion statement, I mean, they are quite practical. So next time you see a hat in the store and think, “Do I really NEED that ushanka Russian fur hat?”, you will have all the info!