I am taking a Yoga class this fall. I am really excited about it! I’ve done Yoga in the past, but I’ve never taken an extensive class. I’ve taken an extensive Pilates class. Pilates is completely different from Yoga, but they both have a few key aspects that are the same.  For one, they both talk alot about finding inner peace. Even though Pilates is more aerobic, and Yoga is more anaerobic.  I remember going to a yoga class at Gold’s Gym. I walked in thinking I was going to an easy workout. I could maybe do some stretching and maybe it would help me find tranquility for the day. Boy was I surprised. The stretches were absolutely insane. I didn’t even know the human body was supposed to be able to bend in some of those ways. By the time I left, I was drenched in sweat and for from finding inner peace for the day.

I have since learned a lot more about Yoga. I’ve learned it’s something you have to be very patient with. You don’t just go for your first time and walk out feeling like Buddha.  The concentration of the mind is half of it. To find tranquility in the workout you need to be very focused. It’s not just a normal cardio workout because you have to focus on so much more than just moving. Yoga is pretty awesome once you get into it. If you have never done Yoga, head to your nearest gym and check it out!