Have you ever been on a date where you are trying to keep that fake smile plastered on your face while wondering,”WHEN is this going to end?!” I have had my fair share of those and more. I will tell you about one of them that sticks out in my memory.

The date started out well enough. He picked me up on my house, met my mom, and politely opened my car door for me. That was probably the highlight of the date. When we got in the car, he turned the air conditioning on full blast. I was already freezing. The plan was to go get dinner and watch a movie. He said he had already decided on a place for dinner. He pulled up to Red Lobster. Great place huh? Well maybe for other people, but I don’t like fish or any type of seafood. I politely mentioned this and his response was, “Well I’m sure they have other stuff, you’ll be fine”.

There was an awkward dinner conversation that I drifted in and out of.  It consisted of him talking the whole time…”Then I was driving through Sacramento….My awesome car…I like to eat at that one place…potatoes…”. I was ready to go. As the bill came, he opened his wallet, then looked back at me. He pulled a ten out of his wallet and held it up. He said, “This is all I have on me”. I looked at him blankly thinking, “Are you serious?!”. I was not happy with this situation. I supplemented the cash and we headed out the door. It was warm outside and I commented on how good it felt because the restaurant had been kind of cold. I even joked about how easily I get cold. Even with all that hinting, the second we got in the car, the air conditioning was on full blast.

The movie was no better. I swear, this guy had to have air conditioning on wherever he was. I asked for a blanket. He put his arm around me and said he didn’t have one. I asked if he could turn off the air conditioning. He gave me a blank look. Oh Gosh. The movie was long, and the night ended with him going in for a kiss and getting a door slammed in his face. Great date huh?