I have never been to a spa. For me, a spa is one of those mysterious places that is supposedly amazing. Actually it really does sound pretty good. What girl wouldn’t want to spend a day at a spa getting a massage, face masks, manicures, and pedicures? That sounds pretty good to me! A beauty salon sounds pretty great too. I could go get a new hair color, maybe some hypnotherapy, some weight loss services would be nice! I’m not such a huge fan of the tanning salons. I think it’s funny to be sitting at the pool and see the people who you know that their LIFE is tanning! They have freckles all over and their skin is orange. I don’t understand how people think that that looks natural.  I think the best scenario would be to head on up to North Hollywood where all the movie stars go. That way, you could have a day of beauty and relaxing, and maybe spot some stars too!

Well this all sounds great, but the truth is, there are just other things that are always going to take priority with every paycheck. Oh well, I can still dream right? Maybe someday I’ll get around to doing all this.