You know those words that you think you know what they mean, but then you realize you don’t? Today I came across the words graphic design and web design. It turns out I don’t really know what they mean. I asked my coworker and he explained them both very simply. I now know what they are. I also realized today that I don’t know where Nevada city is. I looked it up on a map and I now know where it is. It is right above Grass Valley. Also something interesting I thought about…you know how when you say a word over and over again it starts to not sound like a word anymore? California is one of those words. After saying it about thirty times in your head, it does not have any meaning anymore. That leads me to my next thought. Where did people come up with words? Who was the big head honcho that decided what syllables would go together, and what their meaning would be? Another weird thought, have you ever thought about how weird different body parts are? for example, ears. They just stick out of the sides of your head and look weird. Same with noses.  I just thought I would give you all something to think about for the day!