Today I thought of a funny story that happened a few years ago. It was the fourth of July and my friends and I decided to do some fireworks. My friend had the lighter and lit the firework, then stepped back. He stood right next to my other friend. In the excitement of the moment, he didn’t release the lighter button. He was still holding it down as it hung in his hand. Somehow he lit my other friend’s shirt on fire. The friend on fire did not realize for a bit because he was watching the firework. By the time he actually realized, we had all realized. Someone yelled “stop, drop, and roll!” instinctively. That’s what we’ve all been taught since kindergarten right? My friend did stop, drop, and roll. The fire went out and then we all mocked both friends relentlessly.

Today I was looking at a new product. It is a cigarette lighter holder. This would have come in handy a couple years back! Although, if there was a lighter holder involved, I would not have gotten the chance to roll on the ground laughing. Maybe it’s a good thing.

Also, when I think about a cigarette lighter holder, I think about the cigarette lighter in my family’s old car. When I was little, my little sister, my mom, and I were on our way home. Me and my sister were in the backseat, goofing off as usual, when my sister pointed to the cigarette holder and asked me what it was. I told her she was supposed to stick her finger in it. She did. My mom was not too happy with me on our way home from the hospital.

Maybe all lighters should have a lighter holder with a safety on them. It seems like there would be a lot less freakish lighter accidents.