The other day I was with a guy friend of mine. We were walking around the mall when he saw a girl walk by and said, “that is a nice piece of real estate!” I looked at him and laughed, but then I realized he really meant it! I wasn’t aware that “real estate” was a new term for a cute girl. What does that even mean? That is a nice piece of property? I would like to own her? Sorry…we don’t really do arranged marriages anymore.  This got me thinking about some of the newer pick up lines going on. I admire a guy who is going to put some effort into it, but really, what am I supposed to do when a guy walks up and says to me, “Do you have a map? Cause I just got lost in your eyes”. No…that is not going to work for me. When did a classic, “Hi, I am bob, how’s it going” go out of style? For any guys that ever read this, stick with the classic approach. Do not go with the cheesy pick up lines. The only way you will get a date out of saying “If I could rearrange the alphabet, I would put U and I together”…is out of pity, unless you are in some remote town like Sequim or Port Angeles and the selection of men is very few.