Some people have really weird sleeping habits. I have a friend who has to sleep with socks on. Sometimes she will fall asleep without putting any on, and she will wake up and panic that she has no socks on. She will then rush to put some on, then she’s out again that fast.  That is one really weird sleeping habit. My habit isn’t that weird, but I cannot stand to go to sleep if it is hot in my room. The best feeling ever is being able to climb into a made bed, crawl into cool sheets, and put your head down on the cool side of the pillow. After that, you cuddle into a huge heavy comforter, and fall asleep. You can do this, because it’s cold in the room. I have a roommate that doesn’t seem to realize this. We will have wars with the air conditioner every single day. She lives downstairs and I live upstairs. I’ll go all the way downstairs just to turn on the air conditioner, and then she will come all the way upstairs, not five minutes later, to turn it off. So what’s the ridiculous part? It is AUGUST! I should be allowed to turn on the air conditioner! It is not a good feeling to wake up in the middle of the night because it is 100 degrees in your room! If I wanted to sleep in a super hot area, I would go to Sacramento or somewhere else in California and go sleep on a beach.