Have you ever been walking down the street when suddenly you are stopped in your tracks by the dramatic thought, “What is Class Act Provisions?!”. This is a question that has recently come to my mind. I did a little bit of research today on Class Act Provisions.  I found out that it actually stands for Community Living Assistance Services and Supports. To put it simply, Class Act Provisions is a government program that makes premium long term insurance more affordable.  Class Act Provisions helps out the people who have long term care risks.

Class Act Provisions can be a great option for employers, employees, or the average citizen. So as far as I can tell, Class Act is for people who have a risk of long term health care, but they have to be reasonably healthy when they actually sign up for it. Also, initially, Class Act will be available on a guaranteed basis.  Based on the information I have been able to find on this program, I think it sounds like a pretty good deal.  It sounds pretty complex, but I’m sure once they find a way to simplify it so that you can actually understand the program, it will be a great success!