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Little Moments

One day in High School, my friends and I decided to go try on wedding dresses.  Well it turns out, in Utah you can’t just go to a place and try on wedding dresses. You have to go sign up with each store and fill out a bunch of paperwork in order to even be able to try anything on. We were pretty bummed out.

It’s amazing how fast time has flown since then. We would go to the mall and look at wedding dresses, and talk about how amazing each of our weddings were going to be. Now almost all of those friends are married. A few of them are getting ready to have families of their own.

I find time so interesting. It really is amazing how it can go so slow when you are sitting in class waiting to go home, and it can go so fast when you are having fun or with someone you want to be with. I honestly believe that time starts to go faster when you get older. It seems like being a little kid took forever. I always wanted to grow up when I was younger. Now I’m dragging my feet.

I guess time is one of those things that you just learn to cope with. You learn to slow it down as much as you can, but more than that, you learn to enjoy all the little moments, like being a young teenager at the mall with your friends looking at wedding dresses. You learn to make the most out of it.


I was looking through my posts, and I realized that a whole lot of them are me being angry. Maybe I’m the one who needs to go hit up a day spa for a day and chill out. But until the day comes when I can afford a day spa, I’ll have to find other methods to relieve my stress.

I’m actually enrolled in a Yoga class at school. I planned it for after work, so it’s actually working out quite well. I spend the day at work, go take my Yoga class to unwind, then go sit in class for another couple of hours after that. I think it’s a pretty smart schedule.

I went to my first day of the Yoga class the other day. The teacher went through the syllabus, then she informed us that we always need to bring a towel. Why? Because apparently everyone will be dripping with sweat after that class is over. The reason for this is not just because it’s a great work out, it is. The reason we will be sweating profusely is because she turns HEATERS on! The room is already hot because of the previous work out classes. We get there, and she turns heaters on to make it SUPER toasty.

Hmm…on second thought…maybe this class WON’T be so relaxing…

It doesn’t matter if you are in Knoxville, or Tampa. The most relaxing thing you can treat yourself to is a day spa. That is, if you are loaded, and you can afford going to a day spa. If not, you cannot go relax. Why? Because you have no time anyways. You have school, family, friends, and work. Also, you have no money. Why? Because you are a poor college student that barely has money for some cup o’ noodles to last you the week.

You are not going to a day spa. You are not going to go relax. You are not getting a massage, and your hair done, and leaving all refreshed. Nope, you are doomed to be stressed out constantly, running around with your head cut off, for at least the next few years until you get your degree. After that you won’t have money, because you’ll have kids, and kids take all your money. You’ll also want to buy things that actually last, with the money you have. You probably won’t want to go spend it all on one day that isn’t going to do you any good the day after that. No, you can go to a day spa when you are about 50, and you really have extra money to spend. Until then…no.

Last night, I went to sleep early. I was actually quite proud of myself. I went to bed at 11 PM. Usually I’m in bed by one or two AM. At about 1 AM, I woke up. I did not wake up pleasantly on my own because I needed a drink of water. I woke up because someone was hammering a nail into the wall. The noise was coming from the floor directly above me. I was not happy. I sat up and looked over at my roommate. She was also awake. She said, “annoying, isn’t it?”. YES. Very annoying.

I do not take nicely to being woken up at night. I pounded on the ceiling with my fist.  The hammering stopped for about three seconds before it started up again. I pounded again. Same thing happened. At this point I was fuming. I stormed out of my room. Everyone in my apartment was up because of the stupid hammering. I unhappily stomped up to their apartment and pounded on the door. I was expecting some stupid excuse having to do with website brokers or broker websites. Something completely irrellevent. This story doesn’t get very climatic. The girl opened the door and I chewed her out a bit. She said sorry, and I went back to bed. Really though, who hammers something into the wall at one in the morning???

The Real Story

Why the itsty bitsty spider climbed up the water spout:

Well you see, the itsy bitsy spider did not ever plan on climbing up the water spout. The water spout was big and treacherous, it was not on his to do list that day. The day started out well enough. Itsy Bitsy spider woke up, stretched each of his eight legs, and ate a delicious ant for breakfast. Then he thought, “I don’t need my web building website anymore. Maybe I’ll try selling my website!” So, he called up a website broker and they talked it all out. Itsy Bitsy spider was actually quite pleased. So you see, the day started out pretty wonderfully.

The day turned sour when Itsy Bitsy spider stepped outside. You see, the website broker was actually a very large man, and he did not want to pay for a little spider’s website. He was determined to kill the Itsy Bitsy spider. Itsy Bitsy spider saw him peeking around the corner and started running. The only safety he could find was the water spout which he started climbing. It worked out great until the rain came, and washed the spider out. Luckily, when the sun came up and dried up all the rain, the itsy bitsy spider was able to go up the spout again. He lived there happily ever after through the rest of his days

Goo Goo Dolls

I think I would like to live somewhere warm. Maybe somewhere in Arizona, like Scottsdale. I looked up some of the events that are happening right now in Scottsdale. They have lots and lots of concerts going on right now. Those seem like they would be tons of fun. It would be super warm at night, so you could just go to the concert, listen to some good music, and look at the stars. That sounds pretty great to me. They also have a farmers market. I love fresh fruit markets. That sounds wonderful.

It just sounds like a super friendly place to be. “Scottsdale”, it just sounds very warm and inviting to me. Maybe there are some really cool British guys. Maybe there is an awesome guy with an accent who is a locksmith.  He’s good at it too, he is a really good locksmith. He’s actually the best locksmith in town. Wow, I really need to go to Scottsdale! Also, the Goo Goo dolls are playing! Alright, so it looks like I need to get myself down to Scottsdale, find my dream locksmith guy, and have him take me on a date to see the Goo Goo dolls. They are playing on the 28th so I’ve really gotta hurry!

Massage therapists are lifesavers. Where would we all be without them? I actually went and got my first massage about a year ago. I thought it was weird and awkward and it wasn’t something on my to do list. But eventually, I did end up going to get one, and it was amazing. It got me addicted. Whoever doesn’t treat themselves to a good massage once in a while is missing out. Massages are heavenly. I have two good friends that just graduated from massage therapy school. Lucky me!

In high school, my friends and I would all hang out. We would all switch off giving shoulder massages while we watched movies. It was great. The thing is, no one ever wanted one from me cause I gave really crappy ones. That worked out even better for me. This way, I never had to trade, I just always got a good massage. Oh, High School memories! It’s crazy how fast time flies. That was a long time ago now. Before I know it, I’ll be 80 years old looking back on now, as the “good old days”.

Anyways, back to massage therapists. If you haven’t gotten a massage in a while, go get one!

Top 5 Reasons why Miami massage therapists are awesome and you should probably be one:

1. It’s Miami, it’s warm. Don’t you ever see those resort commercials? You are getting a massage, everything is white, and the curtains are flapping in the warm breeze. I feel like that would be a good place to be.

2. You make good money! Massage therapists make bank! You can charge a ton of money, and since you are working in Miami, people will have money. You will make a lot!

3. You would make massage therapist friends, then you could get a massage whenever you wanted! You could just trade, or better yet, get a massage therapist boyfriend. Then you don’t even need to trade. He will just instinctively start rubbing your back, wherever you are.

4.What other job do you get to hang out at a spa all day? Granted, you are not going to be using the services all day, but at least it would be super relaxing! You could listen to relaxing music all day. It just seems like it would be awesome.

5. You know you want to. You know you want to BAD.

I think those are all pretty good reasons. I think I’ve made my point!

Stupid Pillow

I have had some really bizarre dreams. Dreaming is so interesting to me. It’s amazing to me that all of your subconscious just organizes itself at night, through dreams. You can be dreaming about limousine service, saying, “No, I’ve gotta have my Washington DC limousine service! I’ve got to have my limousine service! If I don’t get my limousine service right now, I’m going to have to jump off of this cliff!” What is it in your subconscious that is even making you dream about limousine service? It’s always fun to wake up and be like, “What in the world? That was the weirdest dream ever!” Then you can try to make the connections about why you were dreaming about that specific thing, or that specific person. Of course, you can never really figure it out, because dreams are just random firings in the brain.

Have you ever had a dream that you are holding something and it is super real, then you wake up and you are holding your pillow? When I was little, I really wanted a puppy. I would have dreams that I had a puppy in my arms, then I would wake up and it would be my pillow. Waking up was always disappointing.

Recently, I was driving to the jewelers. I had to pick up my friend’s ring, it had to be cleaned. When I got to the jewelers, it wasn’t ready yet. After a long wait, the jewelers finally gave it to me. Needless to say, I was frustrated and in a hurry. I was driving maybe a little too fast, when a car cut right in front of me. I looked behind me. There was no one!!! This person could have waited one more second, and turned behind me! I drove further. I was trying to catch a green light, but both cars in front of me were going the same slow speed. What, were these people from Reno? The car in front of me slowed waaaaaay down. I watched as the light turned to yellow, then to red before I could get to it. The car in front of me slowly moved into the turn lane, and drove on as the turning light was green. I sat angrily at the green light. When I got to my friend’s house, I gave her the ring and told her how it had taken forever to get here from the jewelers.  When I went to leave, the traffic wouldn’t let me out of her driveway. REALLY?